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executive coaching

executive coaching

management of the 3rd millenium

Change is constant. We should challenge ourselves to deepen our awareness, to challenge our beliefs and perspectives and to live a conscious life of driving change with intention, innate creativity and our inherent wholeness.

Amplifying this paradox inside a system – a business, a communitiy or a government – we witness chaotic complexity. For decades we have chosen to tame complexity and chaos by command and control, striving toward predictability.  Success is elusive.  Our world, our nature, is inherently complex and chaotic.  Our traditional relationship with this paradox is backfiring, manifesting disintegration, disconnectedness, confusion and uncertainty.

Social change has begun. Our approach should be a powerful agent of this change for individuals and organizations alike.  This social change is about culture, asking for human relatedness that spawns resilience, adaptability, acceptance of difference, unconditional curiosity, in short, wholeness.  This change holds the seed of a culture that welcomes and enables people to bring their whole selves to the table, any table and all tables of human experience.

Organizations and businesses who are still doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results will become another casualty in the world of the 3rd millenium.  Companies that open a new relationship to the paradox will achieve game changing results and become tomorrow’s innovative leaders.

Topics in coachings and consultings therefore are for example:

  • Visions, goals, strategy development
  • Paradigm shifts
  • Change processes, change methods, roles and responsibilities
  • Leadership in the 3rd millenium
  • Change and career
  • Corporate culture management
  • Corporate social responsibilities
  • Diversity management and gender Equality in Business
  • Employer branding and Gen Y: How to attract and retain the best talents