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coachings and consultings

coachings and consultings


  • Consulting and implementation support
  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching

In my consulting services and implementation support I…

gather and assess – together with the client/sponsor – all the necessary  information from all stakeholders and customize and design the implementation of the project according to the unique situation.

The sponsor of the project is an important person for the success of the project/process and he or she therefore plays an important role in the implementation. The sponsor will orient the parties involved before the start about the goals and objectives for the mission, the estimated time frame and the process. I consult the sponsor in all active parts in this process.

I advice and assist those responsible in all necessary requirements and in all relevant issues of the project or process.

At the end of our collaboration we record the accomplished results and evaluate them according to the goals as well as the process.

My consulting services include a self teaching function in order to make those responsible able to solve their future challenges by themselves.

In my coaching services I focus often on

  • values
  • motivation
  • vision and strategy development
  • self reflexion
  • relationship competence
  • design of actions
  • evaluation of the results of actions and
  • the congruency between values and actions as well as
  • how the individual or the team shows up with authenticity.

For all these aspects I use a variety of different and customized methods and approaches, which I all have tested and evaluated over the years of my professional life.

All methods and approaches are based on the core competencies and ethics of the ICF, International Coach Federation, which are meant to support the clients interests in the most professional and ethical way.


On phone or mail we are going to appoint a personal pre meeting. The pre meeting is free of charge and without obligation. It provides orientation about goals, feasibility, the estimated time frame and the process as well as the personal chemistry.


Before the pre meeting the client will receive a personal questionaire about the intention and goals of the coaching in writing by mail.

The first meeting includes the agreement on the coaching goals and the contract. We derivate the coaching plan and the dates from that.

– Individual coaching:

– We usually agree on a six month collaboration, which includes 3 hours of coaching every month, inbetween support on phone or skype and homework as well as written feedback and reports.

– A personal meeting is between 1 and 2 hours.

– Conflict and team coaching:

– The process will be customized according to the conflict escalation and to the team situation.

– In accordance with the coaching sponsor we design the process and first steps, which are usually contacting the parties involved first hand.

At the end of our coaching collaboration we record the accomplished results and evaluate them according to the coaching goals as well as the process.