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customer feedback

customer feedback

“You are clear and visible in your coaching. You are very competent and professional. You also have a base of experience from your professional life that is very relevant and important for Capgemini. You have a strong focus on value-based management. This is a key area for Capgemini. You challenge our leaders while you listen to suggestions and ideas and focuses on setting motivational goals that are challenging to fulfill. It is very motivating to set ‘stretch’ targets that are visionary. In addition, you hold me responsible for my goals. You are good to follow up in a structured way and have a continuous focus on providing feedback and holding a red thread throughout the coaching process.”

Anders. H. Lier Capgemini

“You have through the first meetings helped to determine my personal values and priorities, and helped me to recognize myself and what I stand for. You have challenged me on a personal level and made me look at myself with slightly different eyes and recognize my ability to self-knowledge”

Key Executive Consultant

“You have the ability to analyze and see the underlying causes of the challenges I have faced. In addition to helping me to find the correct answers to various problems, you have also served as an advisor. You use examples and techniques in a way that has helped me to gain good knowledge about today’s management requirement and leadership”

Senior Manager

“You are structured, challenging and action oriented, in a nice and constructive way – related to the focus areas and the ambitions. We had regular conversations, where I constantly realized that I did move in the right direction”

Sector Leader