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– The true leader personality –

„Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it also that difficult” – Warren Bettis

„85 % of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15 % is due to technical knowledge“ – Carnegie Institute of Technology

”Only 8% of leaders excel at both strategy and execution due to personal leadership style” – Kellogg University

Your personality is your most important competence:

Living, deciding and acting authentically and autonomously means to learn and integrate in your personal leadership the difference between living from the needs of the ego (getting) and the values and desires of your soul (giving)

Throughout human history, we have taken highly necessary leaps from tribal organization to rural communities, and on to industrial and gradually the information society. Now we face the fifth leap, the consciousness leap.

In his book “Reinventing Organizations” Frederic Laloux refers to a worldwide Gallup survey reveals that only 13 % of workers are engaged in work. The vast majority say they are not motivated, while 24 % are actively dissatisfied with their workplace has found that “” This proves that the current hierarchical organization chart is ripe for the evolutionary scrap heap.”

This is why we offer AAA and Evolutionary coaching for you or your organization: to learn to navigate in this new leadership paradigm called the Teal Organization. To learn how for leaders to channel their ego needs away from themselves and into a larger goal of building a great company.

Together with my wife, Cornelia Weber-Fürst, I offer this program for personal development to experienced leaders and managers.

The most important competence is personality. An authentic personality cannot be acquired by enhancing skills or learning techniques. It needs a conscious process on another level than tips, tricks and behavior exercises. Charisma, inner autonomy and authenticity develop by a conscious inner orientation. True self confidence emerges by being self conscious.

Goals and value add:

The work on the self and on personality patterns allows

  • an awake intake of interactions and dynamics
  • access to inner authority and clear inner orientation
  • the ability to clear delimination and compassionate integration
  • freedom of inner constraints, self devaluation and negative emotions
  • as well as an inner independence in encounters
  • and thus inevitably authenticity and a strong personal radiance.

You develop these prerequisites for charismatic interaction and thus your personal basis for transformational leadership. You free yourself from unnecessary emotions. You experiece the essential freedom to design your life and business life and find the power to create your team according to your idears, to inspire them and to make them fit for the future.

Personal Mastery Classes for Leaders and Coaches

Evolution Inside Out – A Personal Mastery Class for Leaders and Coaches – Munich

Evolution Inside Out – A Personal Mastery Class for Leaders and Coaches – Oslo